Terra Varietas is a small, non-profit organization based in Vienna, which supports vulnerable children and young people.

We work exclusively voluntarily, which means 100% of the donations flow into the projects.

from the left: Karina Schlögl-Hanel (Event Manager), Dragana Ungurjanovic (Finance, Controlling), Dr. Susanne Körner (Vice-President), Ann-Kathrin Krause (President), Stefanie Wallner (executive board member), Mag. Johann Kern (executive board member).

The guiding principles of Terra Varietas are:

Each child should be allowed to grow up in a secure and stable environment full of love and respect.

Every young person has the right to education and the right to a life in dignity.

We support orphans and other disadvantaged children, adolescents and young people all over the world.

Terra Varietas tries to support the environments of people in need with financial resources such your donations and sponsorships.

We are currently promoting three existing projects in Austria, Serbia and Uganda – all three projects were created and are still developed wholeheartedly, however without external support, these projects could not have started or their existence could be threatened.

 Africa is a major focus of our work.

In Uganda (a developing country in the East of Africa), we support Aggies Baby Home, a home for abandoned babies and toddlers. Here, we focus on education and care for orphans.

Likewise, we support the New Hope School also in Uganda, which gives more than 400 young people the opportunity for education. In 2016, we built here a guesthouse for visitors, tourists and volunteers .

Also in our vicinity in Austria there is a lot of child poverty. Therefore we are committed to Verein Bedarfshilfe Wien.

We also support the project NADA in Serbia. In this way disabled children and young people in a day care get a chance to have a decent life. These young people come from socially disadvantaged families and the warm food in the day care center funded by us is usually their only proper meal a day.