Project in Serbia Nada

Association Nada in Serbia

The small association „Nada“ looks after disabled children, young people and young adults in a day center. „Nada“ means hope … and this hope is quite vital to these young people!

This small initiative founded by two courageous women is situated in the town of Kladovo, in the southeast of Serbia, right next to the Danube, and close to Romania.

The founder Tatyana Bosnic experienced complete isolation and helplessness when she gave birth to a severely handicapped son 20 years ago. She was then consciously aware of the way in which such children surrounded her. These children were and are mostly locked away, hardly cared for or maintained, and ultimately abandoned. Tania felt that she had to act.

Fate led her right near her home to another affected family with a very impaired son who was then almost 4 years old. The two women began to exchange and help each other, and in the course of the years, the idea to provide more disabled children with the necessary hours and care was born.

The women founded „Nada“.

In the meantime „Nada“ got a little cottage from the village on the site of the local nursery, which is currently a day center. It is lovingly furnished, but unfortunately very tight with only 70 square meters.

Usually between 20 and 25 people are there and together they sing, paint and spend time. The children can stay at „Nada“ daily between 8 am and 3 pm. Unfortunately, there was no real food, only donuts were donated by a generous neighbour.

A total of almost 80 people are taken care of, since the director Tatyana Bosnic and her long time friend Beba Kis also regularly make house visits with severely handicapped children. Mrs Bosnic says this is the only chance for happy moments for these young people who are often very deprived. Unfortunately, poverty is high and many of the children, young people and young adults who are cared for are suffering from hunger. Many come from socially disadvantaged families who also have other children to provide for.

For three years (2010-2013), the association „Nada“ was supported by Unicef. During this time, many children flourished properly. There was support by a speech therapist, a music therapist and a special pedagogue. Some children made great advances in development. Unfortunately, Unicef has now completely withdrawn for financial reasons.

From autumn 2015, Terra Varietas donates a warm lunch and a snack every day. Often this is the only meal that these people get. Since poverty is so large, family members of people with disabilities often wait after dinner and hope for some remnants of the meal. Through the food the young people are more active, happier and can get better at different activities performed during the day.

Children and young people sing, play, paint and handcraft with a lot of joy. In Christmas, Terra Varietas gives all young people (currently 80 people) well-filled bags full of gifts. The joy is always huge!