Our Team

Who are we and what is our motivation?

Terra Varietas is a small organization in Vienna. We work voluntarily and support projects in Austria, Serbia and Uganda.

The Terra Varietas board members (from left to right) Dragana Ungurjanovic BSc., Dr. Susanne Körner (Director), Ann-Kathrin Krause (Founder), Stefanie Kern und Mag. Hans Kern.

The founder Ann-Kathrin Krause came back from a trip in 2008, she brought with her the desire to do something meaningful. Africa is a beautiful continent with breathtaking landscapes, impressive wilderness and friendly, open-minded people. But especially in Uganda one out of every ten children has lost his parents and the life expectancy is only 48 years. For a large part of the population everyday life is very difficult. Ann-Kathrin Krause wanted to contribute to the improvement of future perspectives in some of these children’s lives. Thus, Ann-Kathrin Krause founded the non-profit organization „Terra Varietas“ in Austria, in 2014.

Our members have different backgrounds, including a nurse, a lawyer, two sociologists, a cultural / social anthropologist, an entrepreneur, a special and curative pedagogue, a therapist and several teachers. We all work on a voluntary basis, passionately for the goals Terra Varietas is committed to.

Ann-Kathrin Krause – founder and board member

After some time abroad and looking at different NGOs, Ann-Kathrin Krause decided to start her own small organization to provide direct and controlled help. „I was lucky enough to meet so many great people who accompany me today in the organization and support me energetically! We stand together – for each other!“

Dr. Susanne Körner – Director and board member

Children and their needs play an important role in my life. I have my own practice for developmental diagnostics and development support of children and adolescents and I love my profession very much.
Through my work at Terra Varietas I would like to give children who have not had an easy life, the chance to find a safe place, stability, love and quality education.
Every child should perceive themselves as valuable and unique. Through a realistic self-image and a growing self-esteem feeling, every child and every teenager can walk a safe path to a good future!
My dream is that every young person understands that they can actively shape their life, be content with themselves and live in peace with other people and the environment. This is what I would like to ensure.

Dragana Ungurjanovic BSc. – Project Manager Serbia, Member of the Executive Board

I love children very much and I like to see them grow. When children are happy, I feel happy as well. My childhood was protected and very beautiful and I think every child should be allowed to experience the same. Therefore, I would like to ensure that children´s needs are addressed. Bright and smiling faces are my goal. I have lived with my family in Vienna for over 12 years and first came as a student of the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. I am also a mother of a dear daughter.

Stefanie Kern – Member of the Executive Board

I am a teacher at a school in Vienna and teach 10 – 14 year old children. Our everyday life is not always easy. But it is the small moments – a look, a smile, a nod or just a feeling – that make the work with children and adolescents special and unique. Such moments should be a right for every child and every young person – in short: for every human being. We want to feel secure, safe, and at home. This means the following for Terra Varietas: different and committed people create and support together great projects to enable children, adolescents and adults to enjoy life and bring a smile to their faces.

Mag. Hans Kern – Member of the Executive Board

Every child on earth should have the possibility to have education so that a self-determined life is possible. It is also important that children grow up in an environment where they are well protected, where they are not afraid, and where they can be just children. My wish for all the children of this world is that they can grow up without war, violence, solitude, hunger and poverty. I also wish that through our project in Uganda, many children can have a good start into life.

Libia Constanza Pozar

Working with children and people in need is both inspiring and heart-warming. As an English and Spanish teacher, I have been able to experience first-hand how nurturing, care, respect, and faith in kids’ processes can foster a better life with plenty of opportunities for them and those around.

I am convinced that only when younger generations are properly guided and protected, our society can thrive and aim at a better future.