1. Direct! in Terra Varietas every donation goes directly in the project and is not wasted in unnecessary advertising.
2. Authentic! You can contact us personally at any time or visit our location. We are a very small asociation! Write us!
3. Experience! As we come from various professional fields, we complement each other in various areas of work.
4. Humanitarian! Commitment to people and their dignity is our most important incentive.
5. Strict! We are strict about ourselves. Because donations represent a great commitment for us!
6. Professional! Because „well intentioned“ is not always successful. We are small, but what we do, we do it professionally.
7. Transparent! Because we are dependent on help, we deal with this very carefully. We keep detailed information of every cost and spending, and we are happy to share this information with our benefactors.
8. Concretely! You can follow the benefits of your donation in concrete terms. Come and see for yourself.
9. Added value! Instead of spending an evening in the restaurant for over 80 euros, you can give a child a month of school including accommodation and 2 hot meals a day.
10. Recognized non-profit organization!

We guarantee that every donated euro will benefit the project directly!

Our donation account is a club account!
Should you make a donation, please be so kind and give your name and the purpose for it!
We thank you for every penny and guarantee that we work only for the projects and their people!

Donation account:
Account holder: Terra Varietas
IBAN: AT94 2011 1828 1800 9100

We welcome any support!