6th July 2017 – No summer holidays at Bedarfshilfe

Today I visited Viktoria Tobias, the head of the association Bedarfshilfe, at their headquarters in Vienna Meidling. Despite the heat in the city, the old walls at the building make it cool on the inside. The new goods have just been classified and the refrigerator is very valuable at such temperatures, since it keeps the salad and co always fresh.

Today, there is a lot of fresh lamb’s salad, many herbs in pots and some plants for the garden, which according to Mrs. Tobias, is a great specialty.

Our donations are welcomed with a lot of joy. This time there are some dresses, girls‘ shoes, a tablecloth and small gifts. Little Gloria is equally enthusiastic about the new Dirndl and is very happy wearing it.

We would like to thank the Markenmoden-Secondhand Pixie and individual donors, who always support us. Thank you!


6th July 2017 – The journey will start soon!

 Two members of the Board of Directors will travel from mid-July and visit Aggies Baby Home and the New Hope School in Uganda. Investments will then be discussed, such as the renovation of the floor at the babies’ home, the construction of a dormitory for the older boys, and the equipment with mattresses at the before mentioned dormitory.

Our goal is to enable every young person in the school to have their own sleeping place at the school grounds with their own mattress. Now, it is time to sort out all the donated garments and additional donations to prepare them for transportion.



5th July 2017 – A new boy has been brought!

Two days ago, a three year old boy was abandoned by his mother and brought to the babies’ house. The small Joshua can stay in Aggies Baby Home until the next steps can be resolved with the authorities.

Joshua now breathes through and starts to relax slowly … next to him is Jolly Lavonne, who comes to welcome him.

All the children are doing well – here are a few impressions: Ivan, Jim, Rhina and Patience.


30th June 2017 – Wheelchair donation for Serbia

 The donated wheelchairs wil be used well in Kladovo in Serbia. The head of the association ensures that the wheelchairs will benefit families who need them.

Through such wheelchairs the everyday life of a whole family can be improved. Often, this leads to the first opportunities to explore the world for those affected and their families. In some cases, the wheelchairs allows them to leave their house for the first time in many years!

Thank you again to our donors!



2nd June 2017 – A new Baby!

Aggies Baby Home is looking forward to the little Jolly Lavonne. The little girl feels well cared for and safe. She grows and grows, smiles often and can now relax and enjoy every day!

All children are happy and enjoy every day – here new photos! More photos at Project Aggies Baby Home.


2nd June 2017 – And it goes much further!

Aggies Baby Home in Uganda is always very busy. The children are doing great!

The construction work is almost completed. The colorful fence looks cheerful and the house for the supplies and cleaning utensils is ready. A living area for one person is also included.



27th April 2017 – A lot of work at Bedarfshilfe

Susanne Körner, Vice-President reports:

Today, I visited Ms Viktoria Tobias, the founder and director of Bedarfshilfe at the foundation’s main house.


A lot is happening at the club house of the Wiener Bedarfshilfe in the Längenfeldgasse. Lots of people in need come to pick up food and the queue is very long, despite rain, cold and wind. From Monday to Thursday, and from 10 am to 10:30 am, fruit, vegetables, pastries and much more can be collected directly by families who need this help. Volunteers Franziska and Dirk are usually very busy since the early morning.

As I came in, a Pakistani family was entering the dispensing room and joyfully received lots of vegetables, fruit and salad. They have a big family and therefore cook a lot every day.

Since the beginning of the year and until the end of March 680 men, women and their families received food at Wiener Bedarfshilfe according to the statistics kept by the volunteers at the foundation. Statistics have also shown that some families have a lot of children (up to 7 or 8 children are registered).

I brought today a bag full of donations from Pixie, a second hand shop specialized in kids‘ clothes and located in the 14th district in Vienna. There were tops, jackets, trousers, pyjamas, baby clothes, suits, shoes and rubber boots. Even hiking shoes and a dirndl were donated. Thanks a lot for all these goods!

Once a week, there is a family pick-up day, which always takes place on Friday’s evening. The families will be very happy about all the donations.

What else is there to do?

The learning afternoons for school children and the German conversation meetings for adults are a complete success. Now, Terra Varietas is thinking about starting a group for early musical education for the young children. The idea to offer instrumental lessons for older children is being discussed.

We are happy about instruments donated for this cause!

24th April 2017- Reconstruction site in progress!

The new layout of the large area of the Baby Home and the Guesthouse is fully underway.

In addition to a new access area, a parking lot, and the relocation of the gate, the cottage is also almost ready for the perfect care of guests in the guesthouse.

Now the guests have their own entrance area and they can go directly to the guesthouse without disturbing the small children at Aggies Baby Home.


18th April 2017- Beautiful days at NADA in Serbia

The instructors and participants of the day care facility NADA in Kladovo Serbia send heartfelt thanks and greetings to all the donors.

Susanne Körner and Dragana Ungurjanovic were able to gain a good impression during the days at the facility. The two caregivers at the day care center (Tatjana Bosnic and Beba Kis) work with every young person and with specific pedagogical and ergotherapeutical focus (the fine motor skills are coached and trained).

The material provided by Terra Varietas is used daily (thanks to Pfleger Papierwaren and individual spenders).

It was good to observe the different needs and development of the people being looked after in such a closed space. There we could see a mother sitting in a corner with a boy about two and a half years old, fed and kept next to her, a mother brought three of her daughters, who are about 4 years, 7 years and 13 years old. Right across the room there were some happy young boys who wanted to sing at the same time.

The caretakers feel very well the different individual and group moods and develop their daily program in situ. For example, well-formed kneading is made with non-toxic materials- with the exact texture so that it is neither too easy nor too difficult for the participants. At the same time, the people at the next table who do not participate on the kneading activity are provided with drawing supplies and short poems, which they eagerly repeat.


We could also experience first-hand the lunchtime dynamic. Each young person looks forward to their meal, which is specially tailored according to their preferences and tolerances, and they eat it with great appetite. In addition to the main meal there is always plenty of fruit for the snack time.

Everything means a great deal of work for the caregivers, who like to do it. The food distribution lasts long and the fruit must be cut for each person right by their sitting spot, sometimes involving their help in the procedure. This allows the process to be closely followed, depending on the ability of the participants. The fruit is quite fresh for immediate consumption. What is more beautiful for the senses than a freshly cut juicy orange? You can look at them, smell them, feel them and taste them. A real feast!


Also, plans for the coming period could be discussed with the facility’s director. In addition to some singing performances and market stalls with self-made items, a presentation and public relations campaign is planned. It is intended to draw attention to the handicapped people from the day care centre in Kladovo, Serbia. Tatjana Bosnic is also fighting for accessibility at public facilities.

The donated wheelchairs will be handed over to two needy families in the coming days.

17th April 2017- CHARITY CONCERT at Replugged Wien

A few days ago there was a charity concert organized by Terra Varietas at „Replugged Wien“ restaurant in Lerchenfelderstraße. (Details on Facebook.)

Many thanks go to the Bruecke band, the duo Peppermint and Katja Aujesky from Berlin.


4th April 2017 – Help for „Nada“ in Serbia

We will go to Serbia at the end of the week and useful donations will be sent with a small transport. We have been looking for quality and good wheelchairs for a long time and today we got the first one. A generous donation by Ursula Heinisch! Thank you very much!!

Family Weiboltshamer’s support as always is very active; this time, they decided to donate the collected money from the cash desk area at their healthy food store. Thank you!

30th March 2017 – A visit from US

Seventeen national Americans from Colorado spent the last two weeks at the guesthouse in Uganda. They enjoyed the days very much and flew home today. They had a lot of fun and could spend both relaxed and intense hours here.

Teacher Claudia Porter travelled with her choir to visit Aggies Baby Home and the New Hope School, which they have been supporting for many years.

The finished guesthouse looks beautiful! All guests are welcome!


14th March 2017 – The guesthouse is completely finished! Here are the details!

The guesthouse and the adjoining villa are finally finished!

Now, a wall with a fence will be built around the area. Likewise, the entrance will be rearranged and a new entrance with a small parking area will be set up. Currently, visitors pass directly by the Baby Home’s building. Thus, an independent access will be guaranteed.

From now on, we are looking for volunteers! Are you interested? More information here.

At the end of March we will welcome a group of 18 people. This will be of course reported.

5th March 2017 – It will be spring in Serbia!

In the organization Nada a lot is being handcrafted with enthusiasm every day. Beautiful colourful water lilies are produced.

 The spring can come slowly.

29th January 2017 – Fun with watercolors and snow in Serbia

These extremely cold days in Serbia are also hard in Kladovo at the Nada club for the people. Fortunately the daily food is really good.

Despite daily minus degrees, it is fun in the snow. And trying out the new water colors, papers and pencils is a great pleasure, especially since the things are all of a good quality and are therefore much better suited for experiments. Many thanks to the donors!


27th january 2017 – Uganda – a land full of experiences!

Two members of the Executive Board, Stefanie Wallner and Hans Kern, were able to experience unforgettable moments during their Uganda stay.

22th  january 2017 – Travelreport!

Our board members Steffi Wallner and Hans Kern could spend wonderful 17 days in Uganda. They stayed in the newly built guesthouse and which has been lovingly furnished.

They were impressed by the work done there. The young children are taken care of with love and have a nice everyday life in the facility. The children enjoyed a lot the new drawing equipment, which they tried out right away. The works were immediately hung up.

The children also wore immediately the donated clothes and shoes. For the first time all children have shoes that fit! Thanks to all donors!

The school was also visited. Unfortunately there are still beds missing for the big boys and many mattresses are old and damaged.


12th  january 2017 – Sincerly thanks from „NADA“

The Serbian Orthodox holidays are now over. The association NADA thanks sincerely for all the great donations from Vienna! There were many bright faces as the kindly filled and beautifully sewn bags were delivered. The craft and the writing materials were observed with great care by the community and then provided to the students for immediate use.

Thanks again to all donors!

How was it celebrated?

On December 23rd the children and teenagers of Nada proudly presented music, drama and their handcrafted works in a small market to the families.


On January 6th there was a charity concert at the Kramladen in Vienna. The hall was full and the enthusiasm was great. Thanks for coming and donating!

It began with the American solo artist Nate Straffon.

Morgaine & Tjorben & Adrian Walther touched many souls with their expressive sounds!

Cumbia-Reggae-Latin Fusion Coverband Psycotropicos.

It was a successful evening with harmonious music. Thanks to all the artists!

15th  december 2016 – FINALLY FINISHED- BAGS FOR “NADA”

The time has come and the contents for the Nada bags are all set!

In addition, a box of craft material is also ready to be delivered, which contains painting kits, brushes, oil chalks, pencils, chalks, paper, colourful craft paper and much more.

Thanks to our donors, we could get rich fillings for 75 bags.

Each one of Betten Misner’s hand-sewn bags contains: a hairbrush, a shower gel, a hand cream, a toothpaste, a toothbrush set of 2, 1 pack of handkerchiefs, a bag of tea, a small tea light, a bar of organic chocolate, a Manner chocolate star, and a Manner Schokogeschenkepackerl . In addition, there is the healthy cranberry drink courtesy of the health food store Weiboltshammer.

 12th december 2016 – FINISHED BAGS FOR „NADA“

Today Tera Varietas was able to receive 60 beautiful colourful hand-sewn bags with ribbon for the children and adolescents in need at Nada in Serbia.

The bags are filled with a stable hairbrush, a shower gel and a hand cream. In addition, we would like to add toothpaste and toothbrushes. Something sweet should not be missing either, so we would like to buy a chocolate bars and little things.

Thanks to Betten Misner for the incredibly beautiful and individual bags!

Weiboltshamer family and their health food store donated 75 cranberry drinks full of vitamins! This donation is a great opportunity for the people in Serbia suffering from nutritional deficiency.