Volunteers needed for a local project in Uganda managed by Terra Varietas.

A foreign mission in Uganda brings a lot of challenges. It´s a school for life and you are right in the middle. Getting to know new people surrounded by amazing nature which invites you to take a closer look, and unique experiences in a different culture are all waiting for you!

The volunteer program began in autumn 2017 under the leadership of the non-profit association Terra Varietas. Take the chance and be the first!

Discover Luganda
In the large area of Kampala and also in the project supervised by us, people will speak English and a mixture of English and Luganda with you. Because the people are generally very enthusiastic, foreign-speakers quickly find their way in the language flow. Outside of the dense settlements, people in the South often only speak Luganda, the local language.

Volunteer, what are the costs?

Volunteering is an important task. We want to support this great attitude.

There are no fees with Terra Varietas – only the flight, the visa and the compulsory vaccination for Uganda (that is yellow fever) and the malaria prophylaxis are to be financed by the volunteers themselves. Thus, the costs are manageable and affordable.

Volunteers can expect a beautiful guesthouse built by us last year, where they will be able to stay. Food will be prepared with fresh ingredients everyday and rooms will be cleaned. It is a beautiful place with a wonderful view over the fields.

Volunteers will have the chance to retreat to their own rooms, but also the possibility to use the common room with kitchen (extra for all guests!). There is Internet available in all rooms.

There are different room types available, such as single rooms, 2-bed rooms, double rooms and large rooms for four people. From mosquito nets on all beds, doors and windows to bedding, towels and washing machine, everything is available and designed to help volunteers feel comfortable.

The guesthouse is located directly in the project, so the way to the children is short. Aggie’s Baby Home is just next to the guesthouse and the New Hope School is also nearby.

Hospitality is very important in Uganda. We want every volunteer on site to decide for themselves what sum they want to donate to the project for living and dining – each according to their financial possibilities and without any obligation.

Each of us has their own individual options – we want to treat them with appreciation.

The goal is that the project in Uganda can become more independent everyday and less dependent on sponsors.


What is the procedure?

If you are interested, please write us an email. Perhaps you have questions, which can be clarified personally or by telephone. The first step to registering is to write a non-binding email to us (see below on this page). Then, we will send you information about the availability of a volunteer place, the additional registration formalities, the costs and required visas.

A personal conversation will take place at the beginning. Then you will receive a questionnaire, which must be completed and then discussed with us.

What are the things that are important to you? What can you do well? What do you want to learn? In which area do you want to work? These and more questions can be discussed together.

Next comes a preparatory workshop and some meetings in the group with other volunteers. These steps are very important. Experience shows that this process takes a few weeks – depending on your life situation. We can start the project at any time.


We try to look after our volunteers in the best possible way and prepare them for their stay in Africa. One of our members will be available for you at any time for questions or inquires.

Find here the details and fees.


Where is the project? Is it safe?

The project is located near the city of Kampala. The car ride provided to our volunteers directly from the airport takes a little over an hour. The guesthouse is situated on a hill overlooking the vast countryside.

The project includes a children’s home for young orphans aged 0 to 6 (currently 17 children) and a large school for pupils aged 6 to 17 ( there are currently over 400 students).

The property is fenced and is always guarded. The area is generally very safe.


What can you work for? What is needed?

Every volunteer can think about what they would like to do before departure. Every work is valuable for there is a lot to do!

The list of tasks range form short intensive construction work (repair work), gardening, and building of self-harvest fields, to cooking support, administrative work in the office, and purchasing coordination.

Longer stays allow work with the children.

One of the organization rules estipulates that those volunteers who plan to stay longer can work with the youngest children at the babies’ house. A very young baby or toddler should have manageable numbers of contact persons in order to be able to develop mentally stable. We must not forget that these young children are orphans and consequently have already gone through the trauma of losing someone. Therefore, we are extremely careful when meeting the youngest! Protection of children is clear here!

In the kindergarten age, children like to work creatively, dance and sing. Everyday life needs support too. Encouraging a healthy diet and a pedagogical structure are equally important. There are countless possibilities here such as those for kindergarten teachers who can do valuable work here.

Trained school educators can, of course, teach for shorter stays at school. There are also many tasks waiting at the school, such as teaching, further pedagogic training, and building a small library.

Other activities include working with the children and young people who also live on the premises in areas such as instrumental and music lessons, dance and singing groups and leisure groups with sporting emphasis (running, football) or crafts such as craftsmanship including sewing machine lessons, and easy sewing for the home – we are open to your talents and ideas!

You as a volunteer can use your skills and interests – depending on what you care about!

Because that who lives with heart, who can pass on joy and enthusiasm, gets it back multiplied! That’s the most beautiful, isn’t it?


Uganda as destination

Uganda is characterized by lakes, the Source of the Nile River, virgin forests and savannahs. The Equator runs in the south of the country.

Nine national parks and six wild reserves testify to the natural beauty of the country and the desire to protect it. They are spread over the country and are mostly located near the borders and less in the center of the country. This protects different landscapes and living communities.
It is worthwhile to get to know the country!