Project Aggies Baby Home

June 2017: A new baby comes and new pictures of the children

A little girl named Jolly Lavonne has moved in and she can now grow in a relaxed environment. We are delighted!

Here some new pictures of the children:
st line: Robin, Rhina Nancy
nd line: Patience, Millie
rd line: Mike Senior, Mike Junior
th line: Joshua, Joseph
th line: Jim, Ivan
th line: Erica, David
th line: Bruce

Thanks to Claudia Porter and her American friends from Colorado for the new toys. They have been supporting the project generously for many years!


The director Agnes Lubega, loves children very much and has worked with her husband Reverend Christopher Lubega for years for the welfare of children in their home country Uganda. The couple opened „The New Hope Orphanage“ in 2003, which provides around 400 children with a quiet, loving home and good school education!
In June 2009, Agnes Lubega began her own project, which is very close to her heart: she takes unwanted, abandoned babies and toddlers, who are often in an unimaginably inhumane condition and whose survival has been often very hard.
Agnes Lubega is committed to a dignified and loving care for these young people.Their everyday life is a big challenge. They often have serious health problems which at the same time are associated to the high cost of their treatment.
In summer 2015, Terra Varietas decided to support this project after a thorough initial contact with Aggies Baby Home. Firstly, new carpets were purchased for the children in Aggies Baby Home.
Secondly, there is a state-of-the-art barrier for acute infectious children, which is urgently needed. This project is carried out with an architect and builders of the country.The cooperation works very well.
In 2016 Terra Varietas carried out a complete restoration of the existing buildings. Due to high temperature fluctuations and frequent rainfalls, the buildings are heavily used and must be renovated.
The house shows strong signs of wear and tear – walls have to be plastered and painted on the outside and the moisture had to be drained. The paths were being rehabilitated around the main house, since the risk of accidents due to large unevenness and hard edges is great for the young children.
The kitchen was completely renewed to make the everyday life of the project mothers easier and a washing machine was bought.
Little things like a new water cooker, several large thermos, new small plastic chairs for the children and development-friendly toys were be also purchased.
A new computer was also be purchased for the office, in order to facilitate communication with Europe.