Project New Hope School

Terra Varietas decided to support the school next to Aggies Baby Home, the New Hope School.
When our founder Ann-Kathrin Krause was early in the summer in Uganda, she noticed how hard it was for the school, with a lot of the basic needs missing and urgent pending renovations.
The New Hope School currently teaches over 400 students aged 6 to 18. The majority of children and adolescents also live in the school, they either lack family support or have an extremely weak social background.The educators are very committed and motivated.
Due to the lack of resources ( there is hardly any real school material), they have to be very creative. In the summer of 2016, Terra Varietas built a new playground with adecuated playground equipment. A new kitchen building and water tanks were also built because the former conditions were unacceptable.
It is unbelievable but not all children and teenagers have their own beds, a situation we are determined to change!
Many of the young people are orphans and live in the New Hope School. Since there is no place for the oldest boys in the school grounds, they must live with host families near the school.
For Terra Varietas, it is very important that all young people have enough food and have their own safe place to sleep, so that they are able to learn properly. We are planning a new sleeping house for the boys and new mattresses for the students. 
New Hope brings new ideas to New Hope School!
We dream of a training center for all school graduates at the school premises. Vocational training taught by the school´s own teachers. We think of professions such as carpenter, wood turner, hairdresser, cook, mechatronics for cars and tailor. Artisan work should be also possible. This requires a hall, many machines and equipment.
Our own health station with 1-2 nurses and a midwife would be very important and would strengthen the infrastructure. Therefore we would like to give 2 – 3 school graduates the possibility of vocational training in this direction!