Our vision

Be seen – love as a ground for everything

Help for self-help at all levels for the disadvantaged

Terra Varietas would like to help specifically. In this way, existing projects that require external help are specifically selected. This can be done through direct support or through the expansion of existing structures.

Our approach is based on simple principles.

This is important to us and makes us different!

Family: A caring family is the best chance for children to develop self-confidence and life skills.

Education: A child-centered education is our most important investment in the future. We guide every child according to their interests and abilities. We particularly promote practical training and that why we are planning a farm, workshops and other practical job offers.

Health: We promote a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. Small, regular rules of conduct can have a big impact in the long-term.

Music: Music is important to us because it connects people; because it promotes feelings; because music can integrate the excluded and because it can motivate us!

Dignity: The dignity of every person is our focus. Therefore help for self-help is our credo. It is about dignity.

Self-responsibility: Anyone who comes to Terra Varietas is required to make their own contribution according to their possibilities. Success achieved through one’s own efforts is contagious!

Direct: Our help reaches the right individuals directly. As an association, we renounce a paid organization in Austria. Here all work performed is free of charge and we commit ourselves to the fact that 100% of our donation money goes directly to aid work.

Sustainability: poverty traps can only be broken through sustainably. Therefore we anchor this principle at all levels of our work: in organizational development, as a topic of education and in our working principles.

Networking: We promote networking with external stakeholders. Exemplary cooperation with society, the state and politics can generate benefits and multiply opportunities.

On-site help: We do not support international adoption or emigration. Our help is at a local level. This is not only more cost-efficient, but our help can be multiplied in each country.

Non-denominational and independent: Our work is a good example of the peaceful coexistence of different religions. We are independent of political or religious influences.

Example in Africa – Uganda

Both projects in Uganda for example, are about orphans in need, children without families, and young people who urgently need a new family, a home, and an education.

We plan age-appropriate training opportunities for children and young adults, so that they can build up a better future for themselves, their country, and a better world.

With our work, we want to make a lasting contribution to mitigate a concrete poverty trap in the world, thus leading to sustainable development. This seems possible to us and that is why we want to make it easier for some of the most disadvantaged children of Uganda to develop into the most responsible citizens of their country. Thus a better future can arise from a difficult present.

Uganda has one of the poorest and at the same time one of the fastest growing population in the world. It is a thin line between sustainable development and vicious circles of poverty.

The contrasts in the Ugandan population are closer than it seems. Therefore, practical training and emergency help for orphans are our small contribution, so that the country can turn challenges into opportunities.

Education, sustainable economic development and better disease prevention can go a long way to foster the sustained demographic dividend. The latter has been successful in many countries in South-East Asia, which, 40 years ago, had similar framework conditions as today’s Uganda. Therefore, it seems important to create positive stimuli because every help counts.

For every child we help, our help is not merely a „drop in the ocean“, but a source of life and a better future! Every euro that we invest here is more beneficial than when it is spent in our home country!